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What is Google analytics 4 and How to Setup it?

From when Google has announced that universal google analytics will stop collecting data on July 1, 2023, and Google analytics 4 will be your new analytics. Every SEOs and Digital marketer started switching on it, So let’s understand what is Google Analytics (GA4) and how it is different from universal analytics. 

Google analytics 4 is a new generation of google analytics which is formally known as web+app property.  GA4 is an advanced version of universal analytics, Earlier In universal analytics, we used to create properties for websites and we manage app property with the help of Firebase. but in GA4 you can set up a property for both website and app. 

Manage Data Stream in Google Analytics 4

In this article, I’m going to explain how to set up GA4 property and what are the major differences between universal analytics and google analytics 4.

How to Setup GA4?

If you are new to google analytics then your default property will be the google analytics 4 property. 

if you are experienced with google analytics and already using universal property then you have to switch from the universal to GA4 property.

1. Let’s Go

When you will open universal analytics there will be a notification on top, switch over to a google analytics 4 property. Click on Let’s go

Start switching to Google Analytics 4
Click on Let’s Go

2. Get Started

As you can see the status is showing that you have not connected the GA4 property yet. Click on Get Started to move forward.

Click on Get Started

3. Create Property

Read the content and check to enable data collection for using existing tags and click on create property.

Click on Create Property

Note: It asks you to check the box because you have already created tags in GAU and GA4 will start collecting data with the help of existing tags.

4. You are connected

Congratulations !!! now your GA4 property is created. Now let’s start configuring the property.


5. Connect existing accounts

Here you have the option to import or link your existing linked accounts with universal analytics.

Click on Get Started

Later you will have the option to link other accounts like Google Search console, google 360 ads, BigQuery and so on. link account as per your business need.

6. Collection and Mange Tags

From here you can install the global tags for the Website, and for the app, you can install tags with the help of firebase SDK so the new properties can start collecting event data. 

You can create important custom events for your business and if your business collects user IDs then use them for cross-platform tracking.

Mange Tags

Enable the enhanced measurement to automatically measure the behaviour of users on the website deeply.  

Enhanced measurement in Google Analytics 4
Enable the Enhanced Measurement

7. Tagging Instructions

Tagging instruction in ga4
Tagging Instructions

You can manage connected tags and add more tagging settings.

8. Tag Configuration 

Tag Configuration
Tag Configuration

8.1 Configure your domain

Create the list of domains for the cross-domain measurement. 

Configure your domain
Configure your domain

8.2 Define Internal Traffic

Here you can block the internal traffic which comes because your team visit the website again and again. Add the IP Address and the range of IP addresses to mention that this is your internal traffic. 

Define Internal Traffic IP in Google Analytics 4
Define Internal Traffic

8.3 Unwanted Referrals 

List the domains whose traffic should not be considered referral traffic. 

Unwanted Referrals 
Unwanted Referrals 

8.4 Adjust Session Time

In universal property generally, the session time is 30 Minutes, After 30 minutes session is closed but in GA4 Property you can adjust this time set as per your objective and need.

Adjust Session Time
Adjust Session Time

8.5 Collect Universal Analytics events 

Enable Collect Universal Analytics events

9. Data Stream

Add data stream as per the need of your business. If you have a website then add a website data stream but along with the website, you can add android and iOS app data streams also.

Data Streams in Google Analytics 4
Data Stream

Note: Create GA4 property as soon as possible so you can start getting data on GA4 Property and it will help you in understating and learning property. 

Difference between Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics

After switching to GA4 property I came across these common differences between GA4 and GAU.

Universal Analytics GA4
Everything is SessionEverything is Event
Universal Analytics for measuring websites only, For app you need firebase You can manage both property together – Website and App
No Deep Machine learningEnhanced by machine learning
Limited cross-device and cross-platform reportingFull cross-device and cross-platform reporting
Limited automationMachine learning throughout to improve and simplify insight discovery
Audiences are users who have already engaged with your company’s products or services. You can easily create New Audiences 
Limited Audiences Segment You have more options for audience Segment 
Limited Data interpretationMore Freedom to interpret data using exploration tool.
No BigQuery Export Featureyou can securely store your data in the cloud using BigQuery 
Limited ReportingYou have deep and detailed reporting 
Difference between Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics


1. Should I switch to GA4 now?

Yes, because as soon as possible you switch, your GA4 property will start collecting data. 

2. Is there any GA4 Certification?

Not Right now. 

3. How do I learn GA4?

You can learn from the Skillshop. If you have already worked on universal analytics then easily you can learn by exploring the GA4 property. Explore as much as you can. 

4. Why GA4 is different from the GAU?

  • GA4 uses events for measurement and GAU uses sessions. 
  • GAU is limited with Reporting and measurement but GA4 Provides a deep understanding of data.

5. Google Analytics 4 vs Universal Analytics?

  • Google analytics 4 is the next generation of universal analytics.
  • In GA4 Event is everything and universal analytics session is everything. 

6. When Universal Analytics will stop collecting data?

It will stop collecting data from July 1, 2023. 

7. What will happen if I switch to GA4 later?

You will have less data on GA4 property. 

8. Is it easy to switch to GA4?


Now you are done with your google analytics 4 Setup and how it is different from the GAU, let’s take a glance at GA4 Dashboard and what it looks like. 

If you are new to SEO then you can learn the SEO ABCD.

Happy Reading ……