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Yes, everyone knows that SEO is booming in this digital era. Whenever I hear the word digital marketing from anyone, the first thing that comes to mind is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Now the question comes why SEO is becoming so popular? Why is SEO in demand? Why is the organization looking for an SEO Team? The answer is simple: nowadays maximum people are taking the help of search engines to find the answer to their query. As Google does not share search data but as per HubSpot estimate 60,000+ searches happen in a second, 5.6 Billion in a Day and 2 Trillion in a year. If the data is that huge then obviously SEO will boom and I’m sure that it will increase more in future. 

Let’s get to the point, before going into the depth of SEO we should be familiar with the SEO Terminology. When we started education in School the first step was ABCD and then advance and advance and advance. In this article, I’m going to talk about the ABCD of SEO which will help in learning SEO. That might not be in the sequence as per the SEO Course but definitely, that will clear the SEO Terminology.

Let’s start learning ABCD…

What is the SEO Terminology?

SEO Terminology is a group of specialized words of SEO with the meaning relating to a field or concept. 

What is Anchor Text?

  • Anchor text is text that links to another page or document. Its default colour is blue but it is not mandatory.  
  • Anchor text helps visitors with what they can expect after clicking on the text. 
  • Anchor text increases the importance of selected text and passes the link juice from the current URL to the given URL on Anchor text. 
Anchor Text in SEO

What is Ahrefs?

  • Ahrefs is an SEO tool that helps SEOs in Competitor analysis, keyword analysis, backlink analysis, site audit, link building and so on. It will help in creating an effective SEO strategy. 


What is Backlink?

  • Backlink means when another website refers to our website with the help of a link it is a backlink for us. 
  • Backlinks are one type of reference that other websites give.
  • Note: Do not focus on backlinks, focus on quality backlinks. 
  • A common example, we give more importance to those people who come from the good/high reference instead of bad or low. Same, google also gives more importance to those websites that get the reference from High-quality websites.
  • Baba Virendra Singh says do not run behind the number of backlinks, Run behind the quality of backlinks. 

What is Black hat SEO

  • When we practice unethical SEO tasks to boost website ranking that’s called black hat SEO. Generally, Black hat SEO techniques are cloaking, and keyword stuffing. 
Black hat SEO Techniques

What is Broken Link?

  • A link is present on our website but it is broken or not redirected anywhere it’s called a broken link.  


What is a Canonical Tag?

  • We use canonical Tag when similar content is available on another page and we help google to decide which one is the master page. 
  • Let’s take an example if we have two pages, Page A and Page B, Page A is the master page and Page B is the duplicate page. Now google can be confused between both pages which one is original. At that time we add a canonical tag to help google in deciding which one is original.
  • We add rel=Canonical URL = “Master Page URL” to the Duplicate or Copy page.
Canonical Tag in SEO

What is Crawling?

  • Crawling is a process when a search engine’s crawler tries to know your website. 
  • Crawler: A block of code, a search engine’s bot. 

What is Cloaking?

  • Cloaking is a practice to provide different content to users and search engines. 
  • The cloaking technique is a violation of search engines guideline or we can say it is a blackhat SEO Technique. 


What is Domain Authority?

  • Domain Authority is a number that defines the authority of your domain on the Web. 
  • It was created by Moz.
Domain Authority in SEO

What is a Do-Follow link?

  • When we add a do-follow attribute to a link and link passes authority from the current page to another page. 
  • It’s a type of link in SEO. 


What is EAT?

  • EAT is an acronym of Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness 
  • It defines the Quality of web pages. 

What is an External Link in SEO?

  • External link means when we give a link to another(external) website from our website it’s called an external link. 


What is a Featured Snippet?

  • A featured snippet is highlighted content which Google displays on the top. 
  • It increases the CTR of your website. 
  • There is no technical way to rank your article in featured snippets but you can follow some good practice. 
  • Google displays 60 or less than 60 words in featured snippets. 

What is a Focus Keyword?

  • A focus keyword is a keyword, word, or group of 2-3 words which we target to rank our website blog or website.


What is Google?

  • Google is a Search Engine which was founded on September 4, 1998, by Larry Page and Sergey Brin
  • Approx 1198M People use google.

What Google Page Insight?

  • Google Page Insight is a tool to measure the speed of websites for Desktop and mobile.

What is Google Analytics?

  • GA is a tool to measure website traffic. 
  • It helps to understand the behaviour of website visitors. 
  • It gives insight into websites like the number of sessions, heats, and bounce rate. Audience overview and so on. 

What is Google Bombing

  • Google bombing is a black hat SEO Practice.
  • It is a process where SEOs increase the ranking of the website on a specific query by exploiting google algorithms. 

What is Gray Hat SEO?

  • Gray Hat SEO is a combination practice of black hat SEO and white hat SEO


What is a hyperlink?

  • A Hyperlink is a word or button that points to another website or URL. 


What is Internal Linking?

  • Internal Linking is a process or technique where we add links of our web pages to each other as per the relevancy.

What is Indexing?

  • Indexing is a process where search engines categorize the website. 
  • In other words, search engines add websites to their database. 


What is Junk Traffic?

  • We receive huge traffic on our website but it is completely irrelevant. It’s called junk traffic. 
  • Example: Suppose we have an online cloth shopping website and we are receiving from those who are interested in food, that type of traffic is junk traffic. 


What is a Keyword?

  • A keyword is a word or phrase that a user searches on the search engines.
Keyword in SEO


What is Link Juice?

  • When a link passes value and authority from one page to another page it’s called link juice. 


What is a Meta Description?

  • The meta description provides a brief description about the web pages to search engines.
  • There is not any specific length for meta description as per google but good practice is to keep meta description between 140-160 words 
Meta Description in SEO

What is MozTrust?

  • MozTrust defines the trust of the domain on the web. It was created by the software development company Moz.


What is No-Follow

  • No follow is an attribute where we say to google not to transfer the authority/value of the current page to another page. 

What is the meaning of No-Index?

  • No Index is an HTML Tag. 
  • With the help of the No Index tag, we say to google, not to Index this Webpage. 


What is On-Page SEO?

  • Whatever SEO Activity we do on the Website or Webpage this process is called on-page SEO. 
  • On-Page SEO Activities are Keyword optimization, meta title, meta description, URL Optimization, Image optimization, and Internal Linking.  

What is Off-Page SEO?

  • Whatever SEO Activity we do out of a website or webpage this process is called off-page SEO. 
  • List of off-page SEO activities is Business Listing, Directory Submission, Guest Article Submission, Social Post Submission, Social Bookmarking, Forum Submission, commenting. 

What is the meaning of Organic Traffic?

  • The traffic we receive from the search engines without paying any amount.
  • In other words, whatever traffic we receive from search engines because of SEO Activities it’s called organic traffic.

What is Page Authority?

  • Page authority is a quality score that defines the authority of a specific webpage on the internet.

What is Penguin?

  • Penguin is a Google algorithm that punishes those sites or pages that have a high number of low-quality backlinks.


What is Query in SEO?

  • A Query is a combination of keywords that someone types in google to receive desired results. 


What is Robot.txt?

  • Robot.txt is a text file that instructs search engines on what to crawl or what not to crawl.
  • Let’s understand it from the example, suppose that you have some pages on your website which are not important. In this scenario, you can stop crawlers to crawl them.  

What is RankBrain?

  • RankBrain is google’s machine learning algorithm that helps Google to understand user intent better in queries.  


What is SEO?

  • SEO is a process to optimize your website as per the guideline of search engines.
  • SEOs do this process to rank on search engines.

What is Schema?

  • Schema is a block of code that helps search engines to understand information/content better.
  • You can learn more about the schema on schema.org.

What is a Sitemap in SEO?

  • SEO sitemap is a collection of URLs that instruct search engines crawlers that these all URLs are important on the website. 

What is a Search Engine Roundtable?

  • Search Engine Round Table is a Forum or Blog where you can read about all changes and updates of Search engines.


What is Technical SEO?

  • Technical SEO is a technical activity in SEO that helps spiders to crawl and index your website effectively. 
  • Technical SEO’s Activities are HTTP Issue, Broken Link Checking, Robot Files, Sitemap, Fixing of Crawl Errors.


What is an Unnatural Link?

  • The links we provide are not important for users and search engines but we add for ranking greed that’s called unnatural links.

What is UGC?

  • UGC means User Generated Content like Video, Photos, Questions, Review, Post.

What is the Meaning of Updates?

  • Updates in SEO mean when search engines make some changes in their algorithms.


What is Voice Search?

  • Voice search is an advanced search type on search engines. 
  • Generally, we search by image or text but when we search using voice it’s called voice search. 
  • Nowadays maximum people are searching using their voice. 


What is White hat SEO?

  • White Hat SEO is a type of SEO where SEOs optimize websites as per the guideline of search engines. 
  • It is an ethical technique of SEO. 

What is WooRank?

  • WooRank is a website analysis tool. 
  • It analyzes your website and gives required SEO Changes.


What are X-Robots?

  • X-Robots is an alternative way to control the search engines to crawl your web pages. 
  • X-Robots is an HTTP header response and it is generally used when you want to control the crawling of specific elements or non-HTML files like PDF, Images or video. 
  • It is a little more complicated than robots files.


What is Yoast?

  • Yoast is a WordPress SEO Plugin to optimize your WordPress websites as per the guideline of search engines. 


What is Zyppy?

  • Zyppy is an SEO Tool that helps in website optimization, title creation, and internal link audit. 

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