About Virendra

Hello there!! It’s Virendra Singh(aka Viren) and I’m a Digital Marketing Specialist, a Motivational Speaker, a Storyteller, and a Rhetorician. 

When I finished my 12th grade in 2010, I was unsure on what path to take next and how to proceed in my life. I made the mistake of doing my Diploma next for 2 years, that too after 12th, when I could have done that even after my 10th grade. 

That time in my life was incredibly challenging for me, but I had to pull myself together and finish the Diploma course because I didn’t want those two years of my life to be squandered.

But it didn’t take long for me to realize that you make some decisions in your life for a purpose, or that some things are simply meant to happen. Even while I was facing difficulties throughout that two-year period, it taught me numerous life lessons that I still treasure. 

Following the end of the Diploma course, I felt compelled to pursue a graduate degree. After much deliberation, I decided on Computer Science as my major and obtained my Bachelor’s degree in 2018.

Things began to fall into place for me after that, and I began to have a clearer picture of what I needed to focus on in order to nurture my present and future.

In 2018 I started working as an SEO executive for a few months just as a part time job. I self-taught myself all of the SEO concepts, and I’m one of those people who believes that one’s learning process should keep on continuing until the end of their life. 

Later I joined an IT firm as a Digital Marketing Executive in 2019. After that I worked with a Finance Company on the same profile during the period 2020-2021.

Right now I’m working with Protocols and Tokens (The Crypto Times), a Crypto News and Media Company as a Digital Marketing Specialist.

In my case, I’m not content with merely doing my job and getting on with my life. Actually, my aim and vision is to support people who require guidance.

To enrich that vision I have taken various initiatives. Presently I’m part of the Robinhood Army, a volunteer based, zero-funds organization that works to get surplus food from restaurants and the community to serve less fortunate people.

I’m also a Vipassana practitioner. Vipassana is a mindfulness meditation technique and has been used for thousands of years. It entails watching, without criticizing or concentrating on, your thoughts and feelings as they are.

Along with that I have conducted seminars in schools and other community centers regarding life skills, motivation, and most importantly about spreading kindness because that’s what is lacking in the world right now.

My Life Motto:  Keep Growing, Spread Kindness, Give up those which are not for you.

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